Glossary W

Wolffian ducts refers to early precursors to male reproductive structures. It is one of a pair of structures in the embryo that, when exposed to testosterone , will develop into the male reproductive system .
Wolfgang Köhler (1887 -1967) worked with Wertheimer on his early perception experiments. Köhler is considered a co-founder of the school of Gestalt psychology.
Womb envy refers to Karen Horney's theory of men's envy of women's ability to bear children or the concept that men and boys experience jealousy over women's ability to bear and nurse children.

women’s suffrage refers to the movement to get women the right to vote.

Wonderlic Personnel Test refers to the cognitive ability test that is most commonly used in industry.

Wonk refers to an expert who studies a subject or issue thoroughly and excessively.

Woodchuck refers to a hibernating animal

- Woodworth, Robert Sessions (1869-1962) : Woodworth, Robert Sessions refers to an influential functionalist at Columbia University who emphasized the role of motivation in behavior .

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