Glossary W

Work efficiency refers to the maximum output (productivity) at lowest cost.

work interval is a term in Interval training which refers to the duration of the work phase of each work-to-rest interval.

Work Preference Inventory refers to a measure of an individual’s orientation toward intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation .

Work sample refers to a method of selecting employees in which an applicant is asked to perform samples of actual job-related tasks.

Work stage refers to stage 4 of the helping relationship, with its primary goal being to facilitate progress toward specified treatment goals.

work-family facilitation refer to Individual coping strategies and family friendly attitudes and resources of the workplace that make it easier for employees to address pressing family demands within the scope of their daily work.

work–family conflict refers to the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions by incompatible demands from one’s job and one’s family

- Working memory : Working memory refers to the short-duration, limited-capacity memory system that simultaneously stores and manipulates information in order to accomplish a task; also called "scratch-pad" memory.

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