Glossary W

word-recognition method refers to a method for learning to read in which children come to recognize words through repeated exposure to them.

word-superiority effect when letters are read more easily when they are embedded in words than when they are presented either in isolation or with letters that do not form words

- Worden Complicated grief reactions : Worden Complicated grief reactions refer to grief reactions or mourning processes that are abnormal in the sense of being deviant and unhealthy, thereby overwhelming bereaved persons, leading to maladaptive behavior , and inhibiting progress toward satisfactory outcomes in mourning; Worden (2002) identified four (4) types: chronic , delayed, exaggerated, or masked grief reactions Complicated grief reactions is also called Complicated mourning.

Work refers to an activity that produces something of value for others. Work is defined as the product of a force and the distance through which that force moves (W = F x D).
Work efficiency refers to the maximum output (productivity) at lowest cost.

work interval is a term in Interval training which refers to the duration of the work phase of each work-to-rest interval.

Work Preference Inventory refers to a measure of an individual’s orientation toward intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation .

Work sample refers to a method of selecting employees in which an applicant is asked to perform samples of actual job-related tasks.

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