Glossary W

working-through process refers to a careful and repeated examination of how one's conflicts and defenses have operated in many areas of one's life. It is through this process that an insight achieves true, full meaning for the patient.

workload refers to the amount of attention -demanding effort imposed on a person

Workplace Ergonomics Program refers to a program that may be instituted by a corporation or organization as a service to employees.

Workplace Violence refers to "physical misbehavior between co-workers, stemming from arguments to murder"

Workstation refers to the area where a worker completes tasks or jobs. May be an office, a desk, or other workspace. More than one type of work may happen at a single workstation.

World-design (Weltanschauung) Binswanger's term for a person's basic orientation toward the world and life.

worldview is a way of making meaning of the relationships, situations, and objects encountered in daily life in a culture . It is the view of the world relative to an ego. The ego uses a worldview to explain and assimilate experience.

Worms can be defined as a computer virus

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