Glossary W

Word association refers to a simple enabling exercise where research participants suggest words they can associate in any way with something relevant to the research, such as a brand or activity.

word association test refers to a projective technique in which a person responds to a stimulus word with whatever word comes to mind. word association test is a test in which a person is presented with a word and asked to respond with the first word that comes to mind.

Word attack skills refers to the ability to analyze unfamiliar words visually and phonetically
Other definition:
Word attack skills refer to the ability to analyze unfamiliar words visually and phonetically.

Word deafness occurs in the most extreme form of Wernicke’s Aphasia , when a person cannot recognize words, even though the ability to hear pure tones remains intact.
Word extension refers to the range of exemplars to which a word refers.
word fragment completion task refers to an implicit memory test in which the subject has to fill in the missing letters of a fragmented word
word level refers to a level of written language perception in which a visual stimulus is represented as a familiar word.

Word recognition refers to the ability to read or pronounce a word; usually implies that the word is recognized immediately by sight and that the child does not need to apply word analysis skills.

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