Glossary A

Abstinent refers to the state of not engaging in sexual activity.

Abstract refers to a summary or a condensed version of a study that describes its most important aspects, including major results and conclusions.

Abstraction means generalizaion; ignoring or hiding details to capture some kind of commonality between different instances

Abulia refers to a syndrome similar to that of akinetic mutism, but of lesser severity. The syndrome is characterized by significant reduction in drive, interest, and spontaneous behavior. The syndrome is associated with medial damage to the frontal lobes.

Abuse refers to harmful or injurious treatment of a person to another person which may include physical, sexual, verbal, sychological/emotional, intellectual, or spiritual maltreatment.

Abusive relationship is a relationship in which one person becomes aggressive toward the other partner

Academy of Psychological Clinical Science refers to an organization of clinical psychology programs and clinical psychology internship sites committed to the clinical scientist model of training . The academy is affiliated with the American Psychological Society (APS).

Acarophobia is a kind of phobia specifically the morbid Fear of small parasites, small particles, or of itching.