Glossary A

Accident refers to unintentional injury.

Accidental viewpoint refers to a viewpoint relative to an object that results in perception of an accidental (or rarely encountered) property of the object. For example, although three (3) sides of a solid cube are visible from most viewpoints, an accidental property, that is seeing only one side of the cube occurs when the cube is seen from the accidental viewpoint of an end-on view. This concept is associated with the recognition-by-components theory of object perception.

Accommodate is a term in Forensic Psychology. In regard to achieving the American Dream, to adjust non-economic needs so that they are secondary to and supportive of economic ones.

Accommodating style is the conflict style of a person who tends to respond to conflict by giving in to the other person.

German: Unterbringung
Accommodation refers to Piaget's development theory which is the process by which existing schemas are modified and new schemas are created to incorporate new objects, events, experiences, or information.

Accomodations means readjustments of goals and aspirations as a way to lessen or neutralize the effects of negative self -evaluations in key domains.

Accomplice refers to a person who helps another person commit a crime.

Accountability means the increased emphasis by health care organizations and others to have clinicians show that what they are doing is working.

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