Glossary A

Aassertiveness means acting in one's own best interest by expressing one's feelings and thoughts honestly and directly.

AB design refers to a frequently used design in therapy in which a therapy (B) is instituted after measuring a particular behavior (A).

ABAB design refers to a single-subject experimental design consisting of four phases: a baseline phase, a treatment phase, a return-to-baseline phase, and a second treatment phase. ABAB design is also known as a reversal design. ABAB design is a completed reversal design often used in therapy such that the therapeutic procedure (B) is reintroduced

Deutsch: Abkürzung / Español: Abreviatura / Português: Abreviatura / Français: Abréviation / Italiano: Abbreviazione /

An abbreviation refers to a shortened form of a word or phrase used to represent a concept, theory, assessment, or psychological disorder. Abbreviations serve as convenient and efficient ways to reference complex psychological terms, theories, and constructs. They are widely used in research articles, clinical settings, and educational materials to streamline communication and save space.

ABC triad means (A) affect (how people feel inside), (B) behavior (what people do), and (C) cognition (what people think about).

Abduction refers to lateral movement away from the midline of the trunk, as in raising the arms or legs to the side horizontally.

Abettor refers to a person who, with the requisite criminal intent, encourages, promotes, instigates, or stands ready to assist the perpetrator of a crime.