Glossary A

Absence seizures that which occur when the normally asynchronous waking state is abruptly interrupted by low-wave synchronous activity characterized by synchronous bilateral spike-and-wave discharge.

Absinthism refers to a nervous and mental disorder resulting from the excessive use of the liqueur, absinthe, a strong
spirituous liquor or Alcohol drink made from wormwood.

Absolute disparity refers to the visual angle between the images of an object on the two retinas. When images of an object fall on corresponding points, the angle of disparity is zero. When images fall on noncorresponding points, the angle of disparity indicates the degree of noncorrespondence.
Absolute refractory period is the time immediately after an action potential, when the sodium gates close and the membrane cannot produce an action potential in response to stimulation of any intensity
Absolute risk refers to a person’s chance of developing a disease or disorder independent of any risk that other people may have for that disease or disorder.

Absolute terms refer to spatial terms that refer to the location of an object in space irrespective of the location of a person, for example, north/south,.

Absolute threshold refers to the minimum amount of sensory stimulation that can be detected 50 percent of the time.

absolute VO2 refers to the amount of oxygen consumed over a given time period; expressed as liters • min1.