Accommodate is a term in Forensic Psychology. In regard to achieving the American Dream, to adjust non-economic needs so that they are secondary to and supportive of economic ones.

In the psychology context, "accommodate" refers to the process of modifying existing beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes to fit new information or experiences. Accommodation is a critical aspect of cognitive development, particularly in childhood and adolescence. It involves adjusting mental schemas or cognitive structures to accommodate new experiences and information that do not fit with existing schemas. This process helps individuals develop more sophisticated and accurate understandings of the world around them.

Examples of accommodation in psychology could include:

  • A child who initially believes that all four-legged animals are dogs may adjust their schema to include cats and horses after encountering these animals.
  • An individual who has always held negative beliefs about a particular group of people may change their attitudes and behaviors after meeting and interacting with members of that group who challenge their assumptions.
  • A student who has always studied alone may begin to work collaboratively with others after realizing the benefits of this approach in a particular class.

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