Cognitive science refers to an interdisciplinary approach to studying the mind and mental processes that combines aspects of cognitive psychology, philosophy , artificial intelligence,

neuroscience, linguistics, and computer science; a cross-disciplinary field or branch of science that uses ideas and methods from cognitive psychology, psychobiology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, linguistics, and anthropology

Cognitive science is a field of study that examines how humans and other animals acquire, process, store, and retrieve information.

Cognitive science refers to one of the four (4) approaches in the study of human cognition that involves developing computational models to stimulate and to understand human cognition.

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Cognitive science refers to an interdisciplinary field including psychology, linguistics, philosophy, computer science, and neuroscience devoted to understanding how the mind works. It is the branch of science devoted to the study of the mind consists of the fields of psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, and adjacent disciplines

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cognitive science refers to the field of study that examines how humans and other animals acquire, process, store, and retrieve information.

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