Cognitive Psychology refers to the study of higher mental processes and structures, such as the storage, transformation, and manipulation of information.

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Cognitive psychology refers to the study of thought processes, such as how memory works and what people notice; the study of how people perceive, learn, remember, and think about information. It deals with how the human mind receives and interprets impressions and ideas Moreover, Cognitive psychology is concerned with the main internal psychological processes that are involved in making sense of the environment and in deciding what action might be appropriate. These psychological processes include attention , perception,learning , memory, language, problem solving, reasoning and thinking.

There are four (4) major approaches to the study of human cognition , as follows:

1. Experimental cognitive psychology

2. Cognitive neuropsychology

3. Cognitive Science

4. Cognitive Neuroscience

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Cognitive psychology deals with how the human mind receives and interprets impressions and ideas

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