Glossary F

Foreskin is defined as the fold of skin that covers the glans penis; also called the Prepuce.
Forethought is a term used in Bandura's Social cognitive theory that refers to the ability to anticipate the consequences of one's actions and the actions of others.

Forewarning effects when people who learn that a person is going to attempt to persuade them are better able to resist attitude change, provided that they are allowed to generate counterarguments before persuasion begins.
Forgetting refer to the processes that prevent information from being retrieved from a memory store; failure to retrieve information that one had retrieved on a previous attempt.

Forgiveness means ceasing/stopping to feel angry toward or seek retribution against someone who has wronged you

Forgotten grievers is a a term which is sometimes applied to grandparents who experience a double loss over the death of a grandchild and over the losses experienced by that child's parent/parents, their own son or daughter.

Form fetish refers to a fetish whose object is a particular shape, like high-heeled shoes.

Form perception refers to the process by which the brain differentiates objects from their backgrounds.