Glossary F

Forming stage is defined as the first stage of the team process, in which team members "feel out" the team concept and attempt to make a positive impression.

Forms is a term which according to Plato refers to the pure, abstract realities that are unchanging and timeless and therefore knowable. Such Forms create imperfect manifestations of themselves when they interact with matter. It is these imperfect manifestations of the forms that are the objects of our sense impressions . Please see also Theory of forms.

Fornication means sex between two (2) unmarried persons.

Fornix is defined as a structure of the limbic system that contains nearly one (1) million fibers it rises out of the hippocampal complex and arches anteriorly under the corpus callosum . The Fornix relays information to the mammillary bodies.

Fossae is defined as the conspicuous ridges in the base of the skull that hold the brain in place.
Foundational category is a term in Cognitive development which refers to a fundamental mental classification , such as the distinction between human beings and inanimate objects.

Four-Factor Theory refers to one of the theories of emotions done by Parkinson (1994) which was subsequently developed by Eysenck in 1977. Four-Factor Theory of Emotion states that em

Four-fifths rule it is when the selection ratio for one group (for example, females) is less than 80% (four fifths) of the selection ratio for another group (for example, males), adverse impact is said to exist.

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