Glossary F

Follow-up Report is defined as a report which is used to report additional investigative activities

Followership means working effectively with a leader and other group members.

Fontanelles literally means "small springs or fountains" that refers to the membranous gaps between the bony skull plates that are evident in newborns.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refers to an important agency in the U.S. federal government that has the power to approve and disapprove new drugs.

Food Guide Pyramid refers to a food guide which was introduced in 1984 that used six (6) food groups as a guide to established the basic principles of a balanced diet designed to help people maintain or improve their general health and reduce the risk of diet-related diseases. The Food Guide Pyramid was printed on such products as bread packages and cereal boxes and was used until early 2005.

Food preferences is defined as biologically programmed inclinations toward certain foods which can be modified by experiences.

Food records is defined as the practice of keeping dietary food records for determining nutrient intake.

Foot-in-the-door effect is defined as the tendency for a person who has first complied with a small request to be more likely later to fulfill a larger request.