We can all agree that alcohol and cannabis are the most prevalent substances in the world these days. On average, a person consumes slightly over six litres of alcohol annually. It results in roughly the equivalent of one litre of wine (which has 12% of alcohol) per week.

Cannabis consumption is significantly lower but enough to stay in the strong second place after alcohol. But, of course, we are talking about all the different forms of consumption. It’s pretty common to see that these two substances are mixed separately.

Generally speaking, this doesn’t produce significant major consumer problems. However, numerous layers are yet to be uncovered. Still, mixing alcohol and cannabinoids is a completely different story. So let’s look at what we should know about cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages.

Incorporation of CBD and THC

THC and alcohol
THC and alcohol

Both experienced and inexperienced cannabis consumers know this plant consists of two major compounds, CBD and THC. THC is a compound responsible for the "high effect”, and its percentage depends on the strains consumers have selected.

Thankfully, producers must point out this percentage in their products, no matter what products we discuss. On the other hand, CBD is a compound responsible for most of the medicinal benefits. In the last two decades, scientists found a way to isolate plant chemical compounds.

As a result, this research enabled a completely new industry to emerge. The global CBD market was valued at slightly over 5 billion in 2021, which is impressive. Both of these two compounds can be found in cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages.

But, of course, the producers will provide more than just one variant. For example, those not interested in getting both the high effect and effects of alcohol will select those that incorporate only CBD and vice versa. So, the market is highly versatile, which makes it possible for every customer to find something that fits them.

Different Sorts of Weed Drinks

Since the market is versatile, everyone is aware that there are a lot of choices they can come across. However, three main types of cannabinoid-infused drinks are prevalent on the market.

  • Champagne

As with every champagne out there, cannabis champagne is a perfect drink for special occasions. But, of course, the one that immediately comes to mind is New Year’s Eve. These products have all the characteristics of traditional champagne, but they have that little twist that makes them one-of-a-kind. There are many brands out there you can choose from if you decide to consume cannabis champagne.

  • Marijuana Drinks

Marijuana drinks are less exclusive than champagne infused with cannabis. You can find them at practically every dispensary near you. They come in a wide array of different flavours, like lemonade, orange, or strawberry. They truly represent a summertime refreshment, but at the same time, they will provide you with that slight cannabis kick you are used to. Furthermore, drinks like cannabis-infused beers come in dark and light variants.

  • Cannabis Wine

Wine is, after beer, the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. So, nobody should be surprised that these products have penetrated the cannabis market as well. Cannabis wine comes in various varieties, and they go perfectly with some appropriate dinner, like pasta. You can choose between red and white variants. Some of the world's most popular wineries have released cannabis-infused products.

The Legal Angle

Consuming cannabis-infused alcohol drinks follows the same principle as any other similar products. For example, in states where recreational consumption of these drinks is not limited. Any potential consumer can enter the dispensary and purchase the one they like.

Of course, the conditions are not as simple in states where only medicinal consumption is legalised. Lastly, obtaining these in states where cannabis is not legalised is impossible. In states where only medical consumption is approved, consumers must obtain a medical marijuana permit from medical marijuana in states like Texas.

Thankfully, obtaining these is not complex today, and you can do it online easily. However, showing these to the retailers when you visit the store is mandatory. They will use the data on your permit to check whether it is legitimate. Not having one of these can produce a lot of unwanted legal consequences.

What are the Potential Side-Effects?

Both alcohol and cannabis are sedatives since they cause reactions within the human body. So, this is a simple reason why it is important to be careful when choosing drinks such as these. But, of course, it all depends on what kind of effect you want to get as a result of consumption.

People who consume alcohol know that drinking alcohol hits the human body pretty quickly.
Generally, this depends on various things, such as an individual’s metabolism, how frequently these are consumed, etc. However, the situation is somewhat different with cannabis-infused drinks.

Again, we can draw a parallel with edibles, whose effects are not felt immediately. It usually requires up to an hour or two before some effects can be felt. Also, the durability of the effect is not certain. For example, we can see that some consumers can feel the effects of cannabis-infused drinks for a couple of hours, usually five or six hours.

Naturally, this is possible only when people consume drinks infused with THC. In the case of CBD, the potential side effect of consumption is usually drowsiness. By understanding the potential side effects, consumers can decide what sort they will consume.

Future Studies

Even though many studies have been done on cannabis-infused alcohol, there is still a long way to go, especially in those that include THC. However, the situation is much better in the case of CBD, where all the medical benefits and potential downsides are already disclosed.

Since both substances can cause disorder and dependence, being extremely careful with the amount we consume is an absolute must. However, it is not clear what the probabilities of developing marijuana use disorder are with these drinks.

Closing Thoughts

The combination of alcohol and cannabis doesn’t have to be bad for your health, especially if you know how these should be consumed. Here, you can see all the relevant data on cultivating the best vibes and protecting yourself from potential downsides.

Picture of Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash