Glossary N

Narcotic is defined as a central nervous system depressant that contains sedative and pain-relieving properties. Narcotics are powerful and highly addictive depressants. Narcotics (Opiates) are drugs derived from opium that are capable of relieving pain.
Nark refers to an annoying person. Nark may also refer to a stool pigeon or informer. Nark also means to irritate or annoy.

Narradrama refers to the combination of drama therapy and narrative therapy in which individuals can act out their stories.
Narrative is defined as a verbal description of past events that is no longer than a single utterance.

Narrative discourse refers to a form of discourse in which settings, characters, and plot play a central role.
Narrative therapy is a form of therapy that examines the stories by which people live and understand their lives and, where necessary, encourages the replacement of ineffective stories with effective ones.

Narrowed inferences refers to the Step 4 of the Inverted pyramid method of case conceptualization. Narrowed inferences requires applying the same theoretical orientation used in Step 3 of the method to identify still-deeper, more encompassing, or more central, causal themes, when they are present. At Step 4, these themes are distilled or narrowed further into existential, fundamental, or underlying questions of life and death (suicidal and homicidal thoughts and meaning of life issues), deep-rooted shame or rage, extreme loss of identity, fragile personality structures, or other deep concerns.

Nasal is a consonant in which air flows through the nasal cavity as in the N in nail.

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