Glossary N

Nature perspective refers to the assumption that a person’s characteristics are largely inborn. Nature perspective is another name for Nativism.
Nature theory refers to the Theory that genetic differences underlie individual differences.

Nature versus Nurture refer to two (2) contrasting views of the determinants of development. According to the "Nature" view, development is biologically determined. According to the "Nurture" view, development is shaped by experience.

Nature versus Nurture debate refers to a debate within developmental psychology over the relative importance of biological predispositions (Nature) and environmental influences (Nurture) as determinants of human development

Deutsch: Navigation / Español: navegación / Português: navegação / Français: navigation / Italiano: navigazione

Navigation in psychology refers to the cognitive processes involved in determining and following a route from one place to another. It encompasses spatial awareness, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making skills that allow individuals to orient themselves and move through different environments effectively.

NBAS is the abbreviations of Neonatal Behavior Assessment Scale, a test that assesses a neonate ’s neurological integrity and responsiveness to environmental stimuli.
NCIC is the acronym of National Crime Information Center

NCJRS (acroynm of National Criminal Justice Reference Service)