Glossary N

Natural (or Quasi) experiment is defined as a study in which the investigator measures the impact of some naturally occurring event that is assumed to affect people’s lives
Natural (prepared) childbirth is defined as a a delivery in which physical and psychological preparations for the birth are stressed and medical assistance is minimized. Moreover, Natural childbirth is defined as a method of childbirth in which women use no Anesthesia and are educated about childbirth and strategies for coping with discomfort.
Natural categories are groupings that occur naturally in the world
Natural consequences refer to the effects that naturally tend to follow a particular behavior
Natural death legislation refers to legislation authorizing living wills or durable powers of attorney in health care matters
Natural design refers to human factors engineering that makes use of naturally understood perceptual signals.
Natural disaster stressors is defined as short-term stressors and are usually more severe than long-term stressors. For example, Natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes can kill thousands of people and survivors usually experience severe psychological consequences lasting a lifetime.
Natural environment phobia refers to a subtype of specific phobia characterized by a fear of situations or events that occur in the natural environment or nature, especially storms, heights, or water.

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