Glossary O

overconfidence phenomenon refers to the tendency to be more confident than correct to overestimate the accuracy of one's beliefs. The concept of overconfidence is based on a large body of evidence from cognitive psychological experiments and surveys showing that individuals overestimate their own abilites or knowledge as well as the precision of their information.
Overconfident behaviour exists when persons overestimate their ability to make correct decisions

Overcorrection is defined as an aversive behavior modification technique that involves having a child practice a positive response that is incompatible with an inappropriate behavior. Overcorrection is particularly effective in reducing self -stimulating and other inappropriate behaviors; a form of aversion therapy in which the client is made to "overcorrect" for the consequences of his or her undesired behavior. .
Overdetermination refers to Freud's observation that behavioral and psychological phenomena usually have two (2) or more causes.

Overdose is defined as an excessive dose of a drug that can seriously threaten one's life.

Overexpectation effect refers to the decrease in the conditioned response that occurs when two (2) separately conditioned CSs (conditoned stimuli) are combined into a compound stimulus for further pairings with the US.

Overextension is the use of words in situations in which their meanings become extended or inappropriate. It is a type of error in children's early word usage that seems to reflect an overly inclusive meaning in the mind of the child, as in referring to all four-legged animals as "doggie" or calling a round clock a moon. Likewise, Overextension refers to the young child’s tendency to use relatively specific words to refer to a broader set of objects, actions, or events than adults do, example is the use of the word car to refer to all motor vehicles. Please see also Underextension.
Overextension error means erroneously extending the meaning of words in the existing lexicon to cover things and ideas for which a new word is lacking

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