Glossary O

Over-generalisation means drawing negative conclusions from specific events which is common in depressed patients.

Over-regularisation when using a grammatical rule in situations in which it does not apply.

Over-the-counter drugs refer to drugs that can be obtained legally without medical prescription

Overbenefited means getting more than you deserve
Overcompensation refers to the conversion of a weakness into a strength according to Adler. Overcompensation means making up for frustration in one area by seeking overgratification in another area.
Overconfidence is defined as an overly positive judgment of one’s own decision-making abilities and performance; an individual''s overvaluation of her/his own skills, knowledge, or judgment
Overconfidence barrier refers to the finding that people usually have too much confidence in the accuracy of their judgments; people's judgments are usually not as correct as they think they are
Overconfidence phenomenon refers to the tendency to be more confident than correct to overestimate the accuracy of one's beliefs.

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