Glossary O

Outer hair cells refers to the part of the rod and cone visual receptors that contain the light-sensitive visual pigment molecules.

Outgroup "them" refers to a group that people perceive as distinctively different from or apart from their ingroup.

Outgroup homogeneity bias refers to a tendency to underestimate the variability among outgroup members; the assumption that outgroup members are more similar to one another than ingroup members are to one another Outgroup homogeneity bias, moreover, is the perceptual tendency to assume that the members of other groups are very similar to each other, whereas the membership of one’s own group is more heterogeneous.

Outgroup homogeneity effect refers to perception of outgroup members as more similar to one another than are ingroup members.

Outgroup members are people who belong to a different group or category than we do.

Outpatient refers to a patient who is receiving ambulatory care at a hospital or other facility without being admitted to the facility.
Outpatient surgery is a surgery performed in the hospital or doctor’s office, after which a patient is allowed to return home. Iinpatient surgery requires hospitalization.
Outpatient treatment refers to the treatment where patients are not required to stay overnight at the facility.

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