Glossary O

Output interference is a term used in Fuzzy-trace theory that refers to response competition in the form of scheduling effects and feedback effects, produced by the act of making responses.
Outputs in Equity theory refer to what employees get from their jobs.
Outside pressure is defined as the amount of psychological pressure placed on a group by people who are not members of the group.
Outsourcing occurs when management invites external contractors to undertake work that was previously done by in-house staff.

Ova cryopreservation is defined as the freezing of ova for later use.

Oval window is the membrane of the inner ear, adjacent to the stirrup; the small, membrane-covered hole in the cochlea that receives vibrations from the stapes.
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome are side effects of excessive hormonal stimulation of the ovaries through fertility drugs. Side effects may include abdominal bloating, nausea, diarrhea, weight gain, abdominal, chest, and leg pain.

Ovaries are female gonads that produce eggs; female gonads that produce ova and sex hormones

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