Glossary O

Overt–Covert dimension refers to an independent dimension which consist of a continuum of anti-social behavior ranging from overt forms such as physical aggression at one end, to covert forms, that is, hidden or sneaky acts at the other. The overt forms of anti-social behavior correspond roughly to those on the aggressive sub-dimension of the externalizing dimension, whereas the covert behaviors correspond roughly to those on the delinquent sub-dimension of the externalizing dimension.
Overt is an investigation which is conducted openly; while covert is an investigation conducted in secret

Overvalued idea refers to a thought that has an odd and absurd quality, but is not usually bizarre or deeply entrenched.

OVLT (Organum Vasculosum Laminae Terminalis) is a brain structure on the border of the third ventricle, highly sensitive to the osmotic pressure of the blood
Ovulation means the releasing of an ovum from an ovary.
Ovum is an egg; the female germ cell.

Own-race bias is the tendency for people to more accurately recognize faces of their own race. Moreover, Own-race bias is the finding that people are better at recognizing faces of their own race than of other races
Own-sex schema refer to detailed knowledge or plans of action that enable a person to perform gender-consistent activities and to enact his/her gender role

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