Glossary O

Ostracism means excluding a person or group of people from a group, often by ignoring, shunning, or explicitly banishing them. Ostracism, moreover, is being excluded, rejected, and ignored by others
- Oswald Külpe (1862 - 1915) : Oswald Külpe applied systematic, experimental introspection to the study of problem solving and found that some mental operations are imageless.

OT is the abbreviations of Occupational therapy which is designed to help patients improve their independence with activities of daily living through exercises, rehabilitation, and the use of assistive devices .

Otitis media refers to the infection of the middle ear. This is frequently associated with fluid buildup in the middle ear (Otitis media with effusion), which results in temporary hearing impairment. Otitis media, moreover, is a common bacterial infection of the middle ear that produces mild to moderate hearing loss.
Ought self refers to a conception of our self describing our perception of how we think we should or ought to be
Out-call service refers to a service that sends a prostitute or sex worker to a location specified by the client to provide sexual services.

Out-group refers to a group with which an individual does not identify

Out-group homogeneity refers to the perception that those in the out-group are more similar (homogeneous) to each other than they really are, as well as more similar than the members of the in-group are

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