Glossary P

Psychological Pattern refers to set of thoughts, feelings , emotions, values, and beliefs , which serve as reference points to describe the individual.

Psychological perspective refers to the traditional view that behavior is shaped by psychological processes which occours at the level of the individual.
Psychological profiling is defined as the attempt to categorize, understand, and predict, the behavior of certain types of offenders based upon behavioral clues they provide.

Psychological reactance is defined as an aversive psychological state that arises when people perceive that their freedom of choice is restricted. People respond to this state by reasserting their freedom, leading to an increased desire for the forbidden object.
Psychological set is an individual’s knowledge, attitudes, expectations, and other thoughts about an object or event, such as a drug
Psychological situation refers to a situation as it is perceived and interpreted by an individual, not as it exists objectively.
Psychological system refers to a system which includes those mental processes central to the person's ability to make meaning of experiences and take action. Emotion, memory and perception, problem solving, language, symbolic abilities, and orientation to the future all require the use of psychological processes. The psychological system provides the resources for processing information and navigating reality.
Psychological test is defined as a standardized measure of a sample of a person's behavior. Psychological test refers to a device for measuring characteristics of human beings that pertain to overt (observable) and covert (intra-individual) behavior. A Psychological test measures past, present, or future human behavior.

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