Glossary P

Psychographics refers to a Research that attempts to explain Behavior by analyzing people's Personality Traits and values. This Research is often associated with lifestyle research.

Psychohistorical analysis refers to the application of Erikson's Life-span theory, along with Psychoanalytic principles, to the study of historical figures.
Psychohistorical perspective refers to an integration of past, present, and future time with respect to personal and societal continuity and change.

Psychokinesis is defined as the purported ability to mentally alter or influence objects or events.

Psycholinguistic theory refers to the view that language learning involves an interaction between environmental influences and an inborn tendency to acquire language. The emphasis of Psycholinguistic theory is on the inborn tendency.

Psycholinguistics is defined as the study of the comprehension, production, and acquisition of language. It is the the psychology of our language as it interacts with the human mind

tPsycholinguists are hose who study the structure and development of children’s language.

Psychological adjustment refers to the willingness to undertake activities, such as counseling, in order to assure that the clinician is well-balanced and able to work effectively with clients. One of the eight critical attitudes.

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