Satyriasis is term that is used to describe men who engage in frequent or promiscuous sex. Satyriasis is also defined as an excessive, insatiable sex drive in a man. Satyriasis is also called Don Juanism.

Satyriasis is a term that is sometimes used in the psychology context to refer to excessive or compulsive sexual behavior in men. It is considered to be a type of sexual disorder or dysfunction, and it is characterized by an excessive or uncontrolled desire for sexual activity.

Examples of satyriasis in the psychology context include:

  • Engaging in repeated or compulsive sexual activity, such as having multiple sexual partners or seeking out new sexual experiences
  • Struggling to control or manage one's sexual behavior, despite negative consequences or risks
  • Persisting in sexual behavior that is damaging to one's relationships or well-being
  • Experiencing distress or dysfunction as a result of one's sexual behavior

Satyriasis can be a significant source of distress or impairment for individuals who experience it, and it can interfere with an individual's ability to function or form healthy relationships. Psychologists and other mental health professionals may assess and treat satyriasis in order to help individuals manage their sexual behavior and improve their overall functioning and well-being.

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