Glossary A

Autistic disorder refers to a severe childhood disorder characterized by qualitative impairment in social interaction and/or communication; restricted, stereotyped interest and activities; and delays or abnormal functioning in a major area before the age of three.

Autistic Disorder refers to a pervasive developmental disorder involving massive impairment in an individual's ability to communicate and relate emotionally to others.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder refers to a complex developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders include several pervasive Developmental disorders (PDDs), all characterized by significant impairments in social and Communication skills, and stereotyped

Auto-erotic asphyxiation (AEA) is the term used to describe the practice of cutting off the blood supply to the brain through self -applied suffocation methods while masturbating to orgasm .

Autobiographical memories refer to memories about one’s own past thoughts, feelings , and behaviours.

Autobiographical memory refers to a kind of memory for events, episodes and other information experiences from one"s own life; stored information about the self, such as goals , person

Autobiographical Memory refers to the memory for important experiences or events that have happened to us; the memory of specific episodes or events.