Glossary A

Autosomal dominant pattern refers to a type of genetic transmission in which only one gene from one parent is necessary for a person to acquire a trait or a disease.

Autosomal gene refers to a gene on any of the chromosomes other than the sex chromosomes (X and Y).

Autosome refers to a chromosome not involved in sex determination.

Autosomes refer to the the 22 pairs of human chromosomes that are identical in males and females (non-sex chromosome ). Humans generally have 22 pairs of Autosomes in each cell of the body. These chromosomes are involved in transmitting all genetic traits and conditions other than those that are sex-linked.

Autotelic which means literally, "self projection".

Auxiliaries are members of a group or audience who play significant roles in the life of the protagonist.

Auxiliary function refers to the function that takes over when the superior function is not operating. It includes thinking, feeling , sensing, and intuiting .

Availability refers to how easy or difficult it is for someone to bring a schema or concept to mind.