Glossary A

Autocratic I strategy refers to a strategy where the leaders use available information to make a decision without consulting their subordinates.

Autocratic II strategy refers to a strategy where the leaders obtain necessary information from their subordinates and then make their own decision.

Autocratic pattern refers to a pattern of child rearing in which the parents control the child strictly, setting stern and usually unexplained rules whose infraction leads to severe, often physical, punishment.

Autoerotic refers to the Arousal of sexual feeling without an external stimulus.

Autoimmune disease refers to a Condition in which the body's immune System attacks healthy tissue rather than antigens .

Autoimmune diseases refers to siseases in which the immune system attacks and destroys some of the body's own tissue, it includes among others rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, .

Autoimmune Diseases refer to disorders that occur as a result of the immune system's failure to differentiate between body cells and foreign cells, resulting in the body's attack and destruction of its own cells.
Autoimmunity refers to a Condition in which the body produces an immune response against its own tissue constituents.

Likewise, Autoimmunity is the process by which the immune sy