Glossary A

Abusive relationship is a relationship in which one person becomes aggressive toward the other partner

Academy of Psychological Clinical Science refers to an organization of clinical psychology programs and clinical psychology internship sites committed to the clinical scientist model of training . The academy is affiliated with the American Psychological Society (APS).
Acarophobia is a kind of phobia specifically the morbid Fear of small parasites, small particles, or of itching.

Accelerant Detection Canines refer to dogs that can detect accelerants by scent

Accelerants are materials that speed up the progress of a fire.

Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity. Acceleration also refers to the brain experiencing a significant physical force that propels it quickly, from stationary to moving.

Accelerometer refers to a device used to measure the rate of change in velocity over a specific period of time. It measures the rate or "speed" of the tremor cycle.

The Accent refers to the distinctive way in which an individual pronounces words and phrases, often influenced by their native language, regional dialect, or speech patterns. Accents are an integral part of human communication and can convey various aspects of a person's identity, such as their cultural background or geographic origin. While accents are generally innocuous, they can sometimes carry psychological implications, both positive and negative, for the speaker and the listener. In this article, we will explore the concept of accent in psychology, provide examples, discuss risks and application areas, offer recommendations, briefly touch on historical and legal aspects, and conclude with a list of similar concepts.