Glossary A

Accreditation refers to a designation bestowed by the American Psychological Association on psychological training programs that meet acceptable training standards.

Accretion refers to a cue that provides information about the relative depth of two (2) surfaces. It occurs when the farther object is uncovered by the nearer object due to sideways movement of an observer relative to the objects.

Acculturation refers to the process by which members of minority groups come to identify with and feel part of the mainstream culture or it refers to the modification of a person's or a group's culture through the influence of the culture of another group.

Acculturation stress refers to the anxiety or uneasiness that new residents may feel upon attemtpting to assimilate a new culture and its traditions. It is the stress caused by the many changes and adaptations required when a person moves to a foreign culture.
Acculturative stress refers to stress caused by the many changes and adaptations required when a person moves to a foreign culture.

Accumulation in the Psychology Context: Understanding the Effects, Causes, and Strategies

In psychology, accumulation refers to the gradual build-up or collection of thoughts, emotions, experiences, or behaviors over time. This concept plays a significant role in understanding various psychological processes, such as stress, trauma, and personal growth. Accumulation can have both positive and negative effects on an individual's mental and emotional well-being, and understanding this phenomenon is crucial for identifying potential sources of psychological distress and exploring strategies for treatment and healing. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the concept of accumulation in psychology, provide numerous examples of its applications, offer recommendations for managing accumulation-related stress, discuss the psychological effects of excessive accumulation, and list some similar concepts within the field of psychology.

Accuracy refers to the degree to which a measure conforms to the established standard.

Accusation refers to the form of neurotic aggression that involves blaming other people for one's shortcomings and seeking revenge against those people.