Autistic disorder refers to a severe childhood disorder characterized by qualitative impairment in social interaction and/or communication; restricted, stereotyped interest and activities; and delays or abnormal functioning in a major area before the age of three.

Other definition:
Autistic Disorder refers to a Pervasive developmental disorder characterized by significant impairment in social interactions and Communication and restricted patterns of behavior, interest, and activity.

It involves a massive impairment in an individual's ability to communicate and relate emotionally to others.

Autistic Disorder is also known as Autism.

Other definition:
Autistic disorder refers to a severe form of pervasive developmental disorder characterized by oddities in social interaction (autistic aloneness), communication impairments, and stereotyped behaviour, interests, and activities.

Other /More definition:

Autistic Disorder refers to a pervasive developmental disorder involving massive impairment in an individual's ability to communicate and relate emotionally to others.

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Autistic Disorder is the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic category used to describe children with autism.

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