Glossary B

Brief (time-effective) Therapy means a therapy of 15 or fewer sessions' duration. In recent years, Brief therapy has gained popularity due to the financial constraints imposed by managed care , as well as studies demonstrating that its effectiveness is on par with that of traditional Psychotherapy .
Brief psychodynamic therapy refers to a modern therapy based on Psychoanalytic theory but designed to produce insights more quickly.

Brief psychotherapy refers to Psychotherapy of relatively brief duration that has grown in popularity due in large part to the cost-containment measures imposed by health care systems . Many brief therapies have retained a Psychodynamic identity.

Brief psychotic disorder refers to a psychotic disturbance involving delusions, hallucinations, or disorganized speech or behavior but lasting less than one (1) month; often occurs in reaction to a stressor.

Brigadoon is defined as an idyllic place that is out of touch with reality or one that makes its appearance for a brief period in a long time. A term which is derived from Brigadoon which is a village in the musical of the same name created by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, based on the story Germelshausen by Friedrich Gerstacker. Brigadoon is under a spell that makes it invisible to outsiders except on one day every 100 years.

Bright-light therapy refers to the use of bright lights for certain periods of time at a certain time of day to reset one's biological clock.

Brightness constancy refers to the apparent or relative brightness of objects remains the same as long as they are illuminated by the same amount of light.

British empiricism refers to a philosophical school of thought, of which John Locke was a member, maintaining that almost all knowledge is a function of experience.

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