Glossary B

Breech birth refers to a delivery in which the fetus emerges feet first or buttocks first rather than head first.
Breech position refers to an abnormal and usually dangerous birthing position in which the baby’s feet, knees, or buttocks emerge before the head.
Breech presentation refers to a position in which the fetus enters the birth canal buttocks first.

Bricolage is defined as something created using a mix of whatever happens to be available.

Bridewell is a term that refers to a prison which is after a prison that formerly stood near the church of St. Bride in London during 1545-55.

Bridge job refers to transitional job held between one’s exit from a career job and final retirement

Bridge publication refers to a publication with the goal of bridging the gap between the Research conducted by academics and the practical needs of practitioners.

Bridging means being aware of and responding to a client's current modality before introducing another modality to the client. Bridging is a process in which the listener or reader draws inferences to build a "bridge" between the current utterance and preceding utterances.

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