Glossary B

Brachial plexus refers to the group of spinal nerves composed of cervical nerves 5 through 8, along with thoracic nerve 1. It supplies motor and sensory function to the upper extremity and most of the scapula.

Brady v. Maryland refers to the Supreme Court case allowing the accused to discover all opposing evidence for trial

Bradycardia refers to a resting heart rate less than sixty (60) beats per minute.

Bradykinesia refers to a motor disturbance involving a general slowing of motor activity.

Bradyphrenia refers to extremely slow information processing speed characteristic of patients with sub-cortical Dementias .

Braille refers to a system of making raised dots on paper to form letters and words that are read by the blind with their fingertips.

Deutsch: Gehirn

The brain (latin: Cerebrum) is controlling the human body and together with the spinal cord make up the central nervous system. It is protected by the bones of the head.

Brain abscesses refers to a "walled-off," localized pocket of pus within the brain which is usually related to an infection.

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