Glossary B

Brain Mapping Test or the P300 refers to a test which was developed and patented in 1995 by neurologist Dr. Lawrence A. Farwell, Director and Chief Scientist "Brain Wave Science”, IO

Brain plasticity refers to the ability of the brain to change through experience or learning .

Brain stem refers to the portion of the brain that includes midbrain, pons, and medulla .
Brainiac refers to a very intelligent person; highly intelligent. The term which is after Brainiac, a highly intelligent villainous character in the Superman comic strip

Brainstorming refers to a group activity which allows people to generate ideas, raise questions, pose solutions, and reach agreement on issues concerning many individuals

Brainwashing refers to engineered or forced attitude change involving a captive audience .

Brainwriting refers to brainstorming sessions that involve generating new ideas in writing rather than orally, usually by asking members to add their own ideas to a circulating list.

Brand loyalty refers to the degree to which a customer holds a positive attitude toward a brand, has a commitment to it, and intends to continue purchasing it

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