Glossary B

Brodmann's areas refers to cytoarchitectural scheme dividing the cortex into 52 sections.

Broken record refers to a self -assertion technique involving repeating a request until it is acknowledged.

Broken windows thesis refers to a perspective on crime causation which holds that physical deterioration in an area leads to increased concerns for personal safety among area residents, and to higher crime rates in that area.

Bromide refers to 1. A tired or meaningless remark. 2. A tiresome or boring person.

Bronchitis refers to any inflammation of the bronchi.

Bronfenbrenner's theory refers to ecological and systems theory of human development that proposed that developing person is embedded on a series of interacting system . This theory put low emphasis on bilogical effects, moderate empahasis on psychological and life cycle and heavy empahsis on social aspect in human development

Brothel refers to a house of prostitution where prostitutes and customers meet for sexual activity.

Brown study is defined as a state of deep absorption in thought. Apparently from brown in the sense of gloomy.

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