Glossary C

CS (Conditioned stimulus) refers to an originally neutral stimulus that, through repeated pairings with an unconditioned stimulus, acquires the ability to elicit the response originally produced only by the unconditioned stimulus
CS-US relevance refers to an innate tendency to easily associate certain types of stimuli with each other. Please see CS, US.
- CSA (Central Sleep Apnea) : CSA is the acronym of Central Sleep Apnea which is a type of Apnea that occurs most often during Rapid Eye Movement sleep in which disordered breathing is related to the brain failing to send the necessary signals to breathe. This may reflect brainstem abnormalities that manifest only during sleep.
CSF is the abbreviations of Cerebrospinal fluid, a protective fluid that surrounds and supports the brain and spinal cord.

A clear watery fluid whose normal contents include gluco

CSOs is the abbreviations of Civil society organizations refer to organizations that govern themselves, employ staff and provide certain products or services to the community . Civil society organizations are generall set up to make a profit.

Cubitus valgus refers to a deformity of the arm in which the forearm deviates laterally, resulting in an increased carrying angle at the elbow.

Cue refers to external stimulus that guide responses, especially by signaling the presence or absence of reinforcement .