Glossary C

Criterion may be defined as a measure of job performance, such as attendance, productivity, or a supervisor rating.

Criterion group refers to division of employees into groups based on high and low scores on a particular criterion.

Criterion validity refers to the extent to which a test score is related to some measure of job performance. Criterion validity demonstrates that scores are related systematically to one or more outcome criteria, either now (concurrent validity ) or in the future (predictive validity).

- Criterion validity evidence : Criterion validity evidence is defined as the evidence that a test score corresponds to an accurate measure of interest. Criterion is defined as measure of interest.

Criterion variable is a term used in a Correlational study, a researcher is usually interested in the relationship between two (2) variables in order to use knowledge about one variable to help predict or explain the second variable. In this situation, the second variable which is being explained or predicted is called the Criterion variable.

Criterion-referenced approach refers to a categorical system of diagnosis, stemming from the traditional medical-scientific method of organizing, naming, and communicating information as objectively as possible, which requires matching client presentations to sets of observation criteria.

Criterion-referenced grading that which determines the quality of a pupil's performance by comparing it to pre-established standards of mastery.

Criterion-referenced test is defined as a test that describes the specific types of skills, tasks, or knowledge of an individual relative to a well-defined mastery criterion. The content of Criterion-referenced tests is limited to certain well-defined objectives.