Glossary C

Cover letter refers to a letter that accompanies a Résumé or job application.
Cover story refers to a description of the purpose of a study, given to participants, that is different from its true purpose; cover stories are used to maintain psychological realism
Covert behavior refers to behavior that can be subjectively perceived only by the person performing the behavior; behavior that others cannot directly perceive, such as thinking or feeling.

Covert conditioning refers to a behavioral intervention in which the therapist instructs the client to imagine a highly negative experience when engaging in an undesirable behavior.

Covert homosexual refers to a homosexual who is who keeps his or her sexual orientation a secret, who is not yet out in the open.

Covert modeling it is when the client imagines a model, the therapist describes the activities of the model which the client follows in her imagination.

Covert observation means watching and recording group behavior without the participant's knowledge

Covert Operations means undercover investigations