Glossary C

CR is the abbreviations of Conditional or Conditioned response, the response that comes to be made to the conditioned stimulus as a result of classical conditioning.
CR (Conditioned response) refers to the learned response to a conditioned stimulus (CS); a learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus that occurs because of previous conditioning. CR, moreover, is a response evoked by a conditioned stimulus after it has been paired with an unconditioned stimulus
Crabs refers to a parasitic STI that infests the pubic hair and can be transmitted through sexual contact ; tiny lice that attach themselves to the base of pubic hairs and cause itching Crabs is also known as Pediculosis pubis or Pubic lice.
Crack is term used for a freebase cocaine produced by mixing cocaine salt with baking soda and water. The solution is then heated, resulting in brittle sheets of cocaine that are "cracked" into small smokable chunks or "rocks".

Crack cocaine refers to a crystallized form of cocaine that is usually smoked.

Cranial nerves refers to the group of 12 pairs of nerves originating from the undersurface of the brain and exiting from the cranial cavity through skull openings. Cranial nerves supply specific motor and sensory function to the head and face.

Crapehanger refers to a morose, gloomy, or pessimistic person.

Crapulent means sick from excessive drinking or eating.