Confidentiality refers to the principle that disclosures in therapy must be safeguarded by the therapist as private.

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Confidentiality refers to the principle that disclosures in therapy must be safeguarded by the therapist as private. It refers to an ethical principle that calls upon psychologists to respect and protect the information shared with them by clients, disclosing this information only when they have obtained the client's consent, except in extraordinary cases in which failing to disclose the information would place the client or others at clear risk for harm. It is the practice of keeping strictly secret and private the information or measurements obtained from an individual during a research study. APA ethical guidelines require researchers to ensure the confidentiality of their research participants. In research on human subjects, the principle of protecting individual participants' data from public scrutiny. It is the right of participants to concealment of their identity with respect to the data that they provide.

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Confidentiality is when a research project guarantees confidentiality when the researcher can identify a given person's responses but promises not to do so publicly. Moreover, Confidentiality refers to the researcher's guideline stating that information obtained about subjects should remain confidential unless otherwise agreed; assurance that all materials collected in a research study will be kept private and confidential

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