Glossary D

Dysphagia means difficulty swallowing.

Dysphonia refers to loss of vocal emotional expression resulting in a monotonous voice tone.

Dysphoria refers to a negative Mood state characterized by prolonged bouts of sadness.

Likewise, Dysphoria refers to the Emotion of sadness - feeling down or blue, marked by extre

Dysphoric manic episode refers to a condition in which the individual experiences both elation and depression or anxiety at the same time. Dysphoric manic episode is also known as Mixed manic episode.
Dysphoric mood refers to unpleasant feelings, such as sadness or irritability.

Dyspnea refers to shortness of breath or labored breathing which may be due to various types of lung or heart diseases.

Dyspraxia refers to a developmental disorder of planning and organisation of physical movement.

Dyssomnia refers to the problem in getting to sleep or in obtaining sleep of sufficient quality. It is a primary sleep disorder that involve abnormalities in the amount, quality, or