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Exhibitionist refers to a person who exposes his or her genitals to strangers as a preferred or exclusive means of sexual arousal and orgasm; a person who derives sexual gratification from exposing his genitals to others.

Exhilaration is defined as the state of being stimulated, refreshed; or elated.

Existential anxiety refers to anxiety about finding one’s place and/or meaning in the world or a fear of meaninglessness or non-existence.

Existential freedom refers to freedom to choose one's being , including thoughts, behaviors, and feelings , and existence itself, at each moment.

Existential guilt results when the Anxiety indicators are ignored and no action is taken. The feeling of existential unease can develop into an overwhelming angst if the press toward

Existential model of cross-cultural counseling is a term which was suggested by Speight, Myers, Cox, and Highlen (1991) that in trying to understand clients, clinicians should be aware of their uniqueness (Eigenwelt ), their common experiences held in groups and cultures (Mitwelt ), and their shared universal experiences (Umwelt ).

The brand of contemporary psychology that was influenced by existential philosophy . The key concepts in existential

Existential theories refer as views that uphold personal responsibility for discovering one's personal values and meanings in life and then living in accordance with them. People face Existential anxiety due to awareness of their life's finitude and must overcome both this anxiety and obstacles to a life governed by the meanings they give to it, in order to achieve mental health and avoid maladaptive behavior

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