Glossary E

Exergonic reactions refer to chemical reactions that release energy.

Exhaustion stage refers to the final stage of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS), in which the body's ability to resist a stressor has been depleted.

Exhaustive search refers to a search for information in which each item in a set is examined, even after the target is found.

Exhibitionism refers to sexual gratification attained by exposing genitals to unsuspecting strangers.

Exhibitionist refers to a person who exposes his or her genitals to strangers as a preferred or exclusive means of sexual arousal and orgasm; a person who derives sexual gratification from exposing his genitals to others.

Exhilaration is defined as the state of being stimulated, refreshed; or elated.

Existential anxiety refers to anxiety about finding one’s place and/or meaning in the world or a fear of meaninglessness or non-existence.

Existential freedom refers to freedom to choose one's being , including thoughts, behaviors, and feelings , and existence itself, at each moment.

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