Glossary F

Fermentation is defined as a combustive process in which yeasts interact with the sugars in plants such as grapes, grains, and fruits to produce an enzyme that converts the sugar into alcohol

Ferritin refers to the iron-carrying molecule used as an index of whole-body iron status.

Fertility awareness refers to basal body temperature charting used in conjunction with another method of contraception .

Fertility awareness –based methods refer to contraceptive or family planning method that involves identifying a fertile period in a woman’s cycle and either avoiding intercourse or using contraception during this time.

Fertilization is defined as the union of two (2) gametes, which occurs when a haploid sperm and a haploid egg join to produce a diploid zygote, containing 46 chromosomes . Simply put, it is the penetration of an egg by a sperm.
Fescennine means obscene or scurrilous.

Festinating gait is defined as the rapid, shuffling gait characteristic of Parkinson's disease.

- Fetal alcohol effect (FAE) : Fetal alcohol effect (FAE) refers to a developmental disorder that involves the cognitive and behavioral deficits associated with Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), but without the physical stigmata of FAS.