Glossary F

Feminist criminology refers to a developing intellectual approach which emphasizes gender issues in the subject matter of criminology.

Feminist theory refers to the theory that argue that personality and identity are socially constructed.

Femorocerebral angiography refers to Angiography that introduces a catheter into the arterial system via the femoral artery.

Fence is defined as a receiver of stolen property who resells the goods for profit.

Feng Shui refers to the art and science of arranging our living environment to enhance our lives. It has been practiced for over 3,000 years. The purpose of Feng Shui is to bring balance, harmony, and beneficial energy to the environment where we live and work.

Feral children is defined as children who have grown up without human companionship in the wild.

Fermentation is defined as a combustive process in which yeasts interact with the sugars in plants such as grapes, grains, and fruits to produce an enzyme that converts the sugar into alcohol

Ferritin refers to the iron-carrying molecule used as an index of whole-body iron status.