Glossary F

Female impersonator refers to a professional male actor who dresses in women’s clothing for a variety of reasons; a man who dresses up as a woman as part of a job in entertainment.

Female infanticide refers to the killing of female infants; practiced in some countries that value males more than females.

Female orgasmic disorder refers to a recurrent delay in or absence of orgasm after having reached the excitement phase of the sexual response cycle. Female orgasmic disorder is also called Anorgasmia.

Female Orgasmic Disorder refers to the recurring delay or absence of orgasm in some women following a normal sexual excitement phase , relative to their prior experience and current stimulation. Female Orgasmic Disorder is also known as Female Inhibited Orgasm.

Female sexual arousal disorder or FSAD refers to the recurrent inability of women to attain or maintain the swelling-lubrication response of sexual excitement; a sexual disorder in which there is a lack of response to sexual stimulation.

FemCap refers to a reusable silicone barrier vaginal contraceptive that comes in three (3) sizes.

Feme covert refers to a married woman.

Feme sole refers to a single woman, whether divorced, widowed, or never married.