Glossary F

Feelings is defined as the basic elements of emotion that accompany each sensation. Wundt believed that emotions consist of various combinations of elemental feelings. ( Please see also Tridimensional theory of feeling .) Feelings include emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, anger, and irritation.

Feelings of inferiority is a term which according to Adler are those feelings that all humans try to escape by becoming powerful or superior.

Feisty may be defined as: (1) Spirited; full of courage, spunk, or energy. (2) Touchy, irritable, or ill-tempered.

Felicity conditions refers to a condition that must be present for a speech act to be understood as sincere or valid.
Fellatio refers to the act of sexually stimulating the penis or male genitals with the mouth; oral stimulation of the penis. Fellatio is popularly known as "Blow job".

Felony refers to a serious criminal offense; specifically one punishable by death or by incarceration in a prison facility for a year or more; a severe crime, subject to punishment of 1 year or more in prison or to capital punishment.

Felony murder refers to a special class of Criminal homicide whereby an offender may be charged with first-degree murder whenever his or her criminal activity results in another person's death.

Female climacteric refers to a syndrome experienced by women between about 45 and 55 years of age as a result of declining levels of estrogen production associated with menopause