Glossary H

Hypogeusia means diminished taste sensitivity.

Hypoglycemia refers to a a condition characterized by low blood sugar.

Hypomania refers to a condition similar to mania but less severe. The symptoms of Hypomania are elevated mood , increased activity, decreased need for sleep, grandiosity , racing thoughts, and the like.

Hypomanic episode refers to a less severe and less disruptive version of a manic  episode that is one of the criteria for several mood  disorders; a period of elated mood not as extreme as a manic episode, with symptoms of at least four (4) days duration that are less extreme and less disruptive than that of a full-blown manic episode.

Hyponymy refers to a semantic relationship in which a word is a superordinate of another. For example, collie is a hyponym of dog.

Hypophilia means lack of full functioning of the sexual organs due to missing stages of childhood development .

Hyposexuality is defined as abnormal suppression of sexual desire and behavior ; the term often refers to behavior due to some disturbance of the brain.
Hyposmia means diminished smell sensation.

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