Glossary H

Hypercomplex (end-stopped) cell refers to a cell of the visual cortex that responds best to stimuli of a precisely limited type, anywhere in a large receptive field, with a strong inhibitory field at one end of its field

Hyperdensity is defined as increased density of brain tissue that typically signals an abnormal density such as seen in tumor or bleeding.
Hyperestrogenemia means having an excessive amount of estrogens in the blood.

Hypergelast refers to a person who laughs excessively. In contrast with the word Agelast which refers to someone who never laughs.
Hyperlexia is defined as early reading acquisition (decoding ) without adequate comprehension. Hyperlexia is an anomaly exhibited by some children with developmental disorders , such as Autism .

Hypermnesia refers to a process of producing retrieval of memories that seem to have been forgotten

Hypernyctohemeral syndrome refers to a condition in which the patient's sleep - wake cycle is one of 25-27 hours.

Hypernymy refers to a semantic relationship in which a word is a subordinate of another. For example, animal is a hypernym of dog.

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