Glossary H

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder refers to a disorder of apparent lack of interest or Desire in sexual activity or Fantasy that would not be expected considering the person’s age and life situation.

Hypochondriac refers to a person who complains about illnesses that appear to be imaginary.

Hypochondriacs is defined as a psychological disorder characterized by excessive preoccupation with one’s health and constant worry about developing physical illnesses. Also refers to people who are constantly worried about their health


hypochondriasis refers to Somatoform disorder involving severe anxiety over belief in having a disease process without any evident physical cause.


Hypocretin please see Orexin

Hypocrisy induction refers to a technique for effecting behavior change by confronting people with the inconsistency between their attitudes and their behavior

Hypocrisy paradigm is defined as a research methodology used to test Dissonance theory , which arouses dissonance by having people publicly promote a socially desirable behavior and then be made aware that they have not always exhibited the behavior themselves in the past
Hypodensity refers to a low density of brain mass.

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